Disaster Ready Club

Disaster Ready Club

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The "Disaster Ready Club" (DRC) is for High School and College Campus Students. It takes about 24 hours to complete the DRC training. But the critical skills you learn will last your entire life. You will receive a certificate for 24 hours of community service.

During the training you learn to:

  •  Extinguish small fires
  •  Conduct light search and rescue
  •  Assist those who are injured
  •  Set up medical treatment areas
  •  Assist emergency responders
  •  Identify and anticipate hazards
  •  Terrorist awareness and surviving and active shooter
  •  Help reduce survivor stress and the rolls of Chaplains

We will be inviting local First Responders and other related professionals to talk about career opportunities in the fields.

We can bring this program to your community in the summer of 2020

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