Make A Difference When It Matters Most

Make A Difference When It Matters Most

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Make a difference when it matters most with FEMA Corps. Are you interested in a career in emergency management? Want to leave your mark while learning new skills? FEMA Corps could be the perfect opportunity for you to get experience while helping others. We are looking for men and women ages 18-24 to join our emergency management team.

What is FEMA Corps?

FEMA Corps is an NCCC track for young adults who want to gain professional skills in emergency management while serving with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) staff on disaster response and recovery efforts. It is a 10 month, full-time, team-based residential service program that was developed in partnership with FEMA and the Corporation for National and Community Service, the agency that oversees AmeriCorps NCCC.

“As someone who wants to work in emergency management, it’s the type of practical, hands-on experience that I need for my future career.” –Kaila Yeager, FEMA Corps Team Leader

Educating communities, assessing needs, and collecting information. Developing materials that promote disaster preparation to the public. Ordering materials, tracking inventory, loading supplies, and managing IT equipment. Updating electronic files, managing data, and compiling reports.

Working with nonprofits and government agencies to coordinate services for disaster survivors.

Helping survivors complete applications for disaster assistance. Assessing and reporting damage to public facilities.

Setting up shelter operations and reunification of families and pets.

What are the benefits of joining?

Your focus will solely be on emergency management and long-term recovery activities within FEMA. You’ll provide administrative and logistical support in areas that include:
Travel the country
Receive full room and board
Earn a modest living allowance of $4,000 Limited Health Coverage
Receive the $5,775 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to use towards future classes or to pay back qualified student loans

Useful information before you apply:

All NCCC members will undergo a federal background investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to ensure that every member serving in a position of public trust is responsible and trustworthy.

FEMA Corps members must be U.S. citizens.

Members are assigned to one of several campuses across the nation.


“ Talking with a survivor made all of our trainings seem real. FEMA Corps prepared me to work in disaster settings, and with all of that newly acquired knowledge, I feel equipped and ready to get to work.” – Michelle Simes, FEMA Corps member

What’s the application and selection process?

• To apply to FEMA Corps, search the listings for NCCC members on

• Apply by October 1st to begin serving in the winter and by April 1st to begin serving in the fall.

• You will receive an acknowledgement packet within three weeks of submitting your application.

• Next, you’ll go through a pre-screening interview where you will be asked several questions about your willingness to participate in all aspects of the program. You will be notified the same day if you have passed.

• If recommended for service in NCCC, you’ll be placed on a waitlist of eligible applicants.

• You’ll then have 10 business days after receiving your status packet to return the confirmation form, a completed medical/mental health history form, and fingerprint card.

• The program’s allotted member positions are filled through a random selection of the waitlisted applicants.

• Please plan for the application process to take several months

Apply at or call 800-942-2677 (TTY 800-833-3722). Follow us on Facebook at AmeriCorps NCCC and Twitter @AmeriCorpsNCCC. We offer service opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation. Corps members must be U.S. citizens.



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